Truck Touch 2015


My family just loves the Truck Touch. I don’t know how they do it, but a bunch of volunteers team up every year to raise money for the Cheverly Weekday Nursery–and they only charge a mere $5 per person! (18 months and under are free) These volunteers set up food stands, get tons of amazing vehicles to come, set up bounce houses and one year even had a train for the kids to ride. Seriously, everyone in the neighborhood, regardless of whether or not you have young children, should come out to support our local nursery at this event! In fact, mark your calendars now for Saturday May 2nd so that you can drop by for lunch and choose something hot from the grill. The event runs from 10-2 and will be held in the parking lot of the Cheverly United Methodist Church. I’m excited to announce for all you peep lovers, that the peep yellow vehicle will be at the event giving out free peeps. OH MY WORD. Yes, it’s true. Onto another subject before I drop a couple photos below of the annual event… Real estate! If you read my last post you would have seen a lovely picture of a house on Valley Way with tulips in front. They had an open house on Sunday and I stopped by. The house has such charm and character. I absolutely love the details on the side porch and the deck that wraps around the back. Jock Friar, our local realtor who lives in Cheverly told me that the market is HOT right now. People are coming out to Cheverly ready to buy. That is great news. That’s all for today. Happy Tuesday.




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  1. Aimee says:

    Thanks for such a great post about Truck Touch!!

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