Shop Local: Baked Goods


My youngest is turning 3 in a week. Oh my word! 3! When I ask him what type of cake he wants for his birthday, his response is something different every time. One day it’s the Hulk, the next Ninja Turtles, and I *think* we’ve finally decided on Spiderman. As of yesterday he wants a Spiderman cake and he would like a Spiderman mask that is “just his size”. I can bake. Not only can I bake, but I can bake a mean cake—not just using normal flour but the real good flour that is made especially for cakes. So while it is possible for me to bake and even make my own frosting, it would be nearly IMPOSSIBLE for me to decorate it according to a Spiderman theme. Never mind my life is simply crazy right now and I would send myself into a tailspin trying to produce a Pinterest worthy cake. What do you do in a situation like this? Shop Local. So I think to myself, “Does Cheverly have a local bakery?” I vaguely remember that someone from Cheverly opened Shortcake Bakery but because I’m gluten and dairy free I’ve never stopped by. I finally took time to read about it and amazingly enough it is incredibly well reviewed. AND not only that, yes- the bakery IS owned by someone who lives in Cheverly. The Washingtonian featured Shortcake in their 2014 Cheap Eats article: What makes Cheryl Harrington’s patties the best in the area? The same thing that makes the cakes and cookies at her charming Shortcake Bakery (4700 Rhode Island Ave., Hyattsville; 301-779-2836) so good: She starts from scratch and rolls out her own dough. The tender Jamaican pastries—filled with subtly seasoned chicken or beef—taste rich but eat light. An order of two makes a substantial meal. And you’ll be hard put to find anything better that’s cheaper.

Community Forklift wrote a feature article on the Bakery and their Yelp reviews are incredibly high. Most reviewers mentioned their croissants that are baked fresh on Saturday mornings and guava cream cheese pastries.

On my quest to find another local bakery option I remembered that a Cheverly resident who bakes made the most beautiful cake for the American Legion Gala. Here is a testimony about Sweet Bobbies Cake Creations:    I have been getting tasty cakes for more than 20 years from local baker and cake artist Robin McClain, who founded and owns Sweet Bobbies Cake Creations here in Cheverly.  My family and I have always been very pleased with Robin’s beautiful cakes, which she personalizes to suit each of your family member’s special occasions.  She also makes wonderful cakes for business and charity events, as you can see if you scroll down to see photos of several of the zillions of cakes she has designed and baked. 

To order a cake from Robin, you can email her at

So now I have some big decisions to make for Weston’s birthday… I’m at least glad to know that there are a couple options. Remember to shop local friends and support Cheryl and Robin.

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