Cheverly: Get Fit for Free!



Hello neighbors! One of the reasons why I Choose Cheverly is because if you have an idea, you can make it happen. Take Truck Touch for example, or the Chev Run or Chev Prom or the volleyball team in town or the running group. Well, how about this? One of our new neighbors who just moved in about a month or two ago is a man named Kristopher. (pictured above) Kristopher is a PE teacher and personal trainer…and Kristopher is teaching fitness classes for FREE on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings until May 22nd. His info is below- I hope you all can join him!

Cheverly, come get fit with…Boz-Wellness

Do you want to:

Control Weight? Improve Mood? Boost Energy levels?

These are all proven benefits of exercise, so why not get started? Come workout with NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) certified personal trainer Kris Boswell of Boz-Wellness for a high intensity, fun, kick-butt workout. Class will meet at Town Park basketball court M/W/F from 6-6:45am. Bring Dumbbells ranging from 8lb to 25lb. We will be outside on the ground so yoga mats and gloves are optional.  Free for all April, 20th– May 22nd. Email to rsvp

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