Amazing Community


Oh my. I’m feeling overwhelmed again by our amazing community. Seriously, this is an incredible month for Cheverly. There is so much going on. A Franklin’s Fundraiser for the Cheverly Community Market today (so go to Franklin’s and tell them you are there to support the Market), a run/walk the following weekend, a Cheverly Police Together (CPACT) meeting on the 13th, the Cheverly Prom (fun times!), Cheverly Day, the Community Market opening and the Pool is getting ready to open… Goodness. Don’t make any other plans- just stay in town all weekend long. Could our community be any better? The fact that the majority of these things are run by volunteers amazes me. A HUGE thank you to everyone who gave their precious time to put together the Truck Touch. It was a beautiful day and they had a great turnout. I ran into a few friends who live in Washington DC and I kept wanting to ask them, “why don’t you just move here?! Isn’t this amazing?!” But I didn’t… My father in law was in town so we walked over to the church from our house on Cheverly Ave. For $5 my boys had the best morning. After we explored all of the trucks we went to buy some hot dogs. Again, volunteers from our community were outside cooking away. Someone tell me “WHERE ELSE DOES THIS HAPPEN THIS CLOSE TO A BIG CITY?” My boys sat with me on the church lawn as we greeted all of our neighbors and friends walking by. The winter kept us cold and locked indoors for so many months that I barely recognized the kids I knew last summer. (they grow so fast in a matter of months) So again, a huge thank you to the Cheverly residents who hosted us this weekend at such a fun event! I’m looking forward to more outdoor activities.

On another note, did anyone happen to see all the open house signs around? I did and I stopped in a couple homes. They are selling fast- which is very encouraging. My favorite corner home on Valley Way is pending and another amazing rambler was just listed on Forest Road.

This Rambler is not only charming, it’s backyard leads right up to Town Park. You are right next door to tennis courts, a basketball court, a running track, soccer/baseball fields, a soon to be amphitheater, the Cheverly market and gym. This would be an ideal location for someone with kids. And you can’t beat the price of 330K.

Please check out my pictures of the Truck Touch.

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  1. John McGuirk says:

    A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned to you about the Best Insurance Agency in Cheverly.
    You indicated a willingness to write something about us. I have written up some information about myself and my agency. I would like to get the info to you. Please give me an address where I might drop it off. It is all written up. You may edit as you see fit.

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