Where Were You?









If you were not at the 5K run/2K walk you need to be asking yourself, “Self, where were you?!”  I’m so serious. This was the best Mother’s Day morning for me. It was actually my youngest boy’s 3 year old Birthday and when I asked him what his favorite part of the day was, he answered, “The Race!”. Cheverly IS the best place on earth. (see picture above) This was my first time to participate in the walk (I don’t run) and it was a blast. Streets closed, my boys raced on their scooters down the middle of our Cheverly streets. One 6 year old lost his way from the walk route and ended up running the entire 5K! Amazing. Volunteers spent time handing out water on the side of the street and set up cones and flags. We even had a ‘start’ sign on Forest Rd. If you don’t run, you should highly consider walking with me next year. It’s definitely something I’d do again. I love that my children can grow up in a neighborhood like ours.

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