June Pool Events


So last night I was on the phone with someone who left Cheverly for the mid-west, close to where I grew up. We had a quick talk (because I was going from one thing to the next) about the difference between the lifestyle here and where she is now. She heads to Target and there are no lines. She might even get a parking spot in front. She rarely ever fights traffic and she is most always home at a ‘decent’ hour. I started to get slightly envious of her less hectic lifestyle–but then I realized that I live in Cheverly.

Even though my last Saturday was busy, it was busy in town. I walked to the Market, relaxed with my kiddos–then played at Town Park with friends– and finally stopped by a friend’s house on the way home. At that time it was around noon. By 4 I headed to a Birthday party of a friend in town and finally went home exhausted.

Cheverly allows me to live long term in DC. It allows me to feel ‘normal’–walking my kids around the neighborhood, stopping by our neighbor’s home to see what’s up….etc. But more than that, the pool saves me in the summer. I just LOVE the Cheverly Pool in the summer.

Rachel Dabney Rice sent out an email to our town that I want to make sure everyone could see. Everyone is invited to the two event nights at the pool. So make plans to slow down this weekend and stop by the pool on Friday night for relaxation and a movie.

Friday June 5th is Family Movie Night at the pool.  We will be showing the original Star Wars Movie: A New Hope.  Doors open at 6 for picnic on the green, floats, raffle and more!  One of the raffle items is a 2 foot tall remote controlled  inflatable R2D2. How cool would it be to win that?!?

Saturday June 13th is Teen Night!  Comic the DJ is back!  Pizza, Sundae Bar, Glow in the Dark Cotton candy, prizes and more!  This year we will have an airbrush artist on hand doing realistic water proof tribal tattoos!  Teen night is for the 12-17 year old crowd only.

If you are not a pool member but would like to attend, please email me directly. The Cheverly Pool is all about community and we can arrange for you  to come as a guest.

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