Microgreens and More! Welcome to Cheverly Little Wild Things Farm




I first heard about microgreens at my sister’s home in NC a couple weeks ago–but it wasn’t until the Cheverly Community Market that I had the opportunity to buy them. So what are microgreens and who is selling them at the Market? I’m glad you asked. NPR had a great article called: Introducing Microgreens: Younger, and Maybe More Nutritious Vegetables that they wrote in 2012. It’s fascinating really. Not only might they be more nutritious, they are definitely tasty and last for a long time in your refrigerator.  I bought two of the small plastic boxes of microgreens shown above. For $10 I will get have fresh, organic, nutritious vegetables in my meals for the next 10 days. Today for lunch I wrapped up some in lunch meat. I’ve added the microgreens to my salads and put them on top of my tacos. You can also coat them with oil and lemon juice with a pinch of salt. Yum.

So who are selling these lovelies? Little Wild Things City Farm located right here in Washington DC. Besides heading over to our Market every 2 weeks, the following items have been planted and will be available for pick up:

  • Beets (touchstone gold, early wonder, moneta, detroit dark)
  • Carrots (parisian, rainbow, purple haze, nelson, yaya)
  • Salad Greens (a variety of colorful/green/gourmet/asian mixes; arugula; mustards)
  • Spinach (Tyee, Space)
  • Kale (baby red russian, winterbor, scarlet)
  • Beans (provider, jade, amarillo)
  • Radish (sparkler, cherry belle, easter egg)
  • Herbs (parsley, basil, cilantro, dill)
  • Bunching onion (purplette, tokyo bunching)
  • Swiss chard (bright lights)
  • Summer squash (sunburst)
  • Kohlrabi (winner, azur-star)
  • Turnips (hakurei)

Thank you Little Wild Things City Farm for coming to our community. I urge all of you to try their products and I promise that you will get hooked on the microgreens. Support the Farm by liking them on Facebook and Twitter!

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