I Was A Loner Until…VBS!



Parents, parents, parents! Yes, I’m screaming! All of you should consider sending your children to VBS at Cheverly United Methodist Church this year. I cannot say enough GREAT things about their program, the reasonable price, the memories my child has made, the teachers, the program and arts and crafts. We love CUMC’s VBS!

So when is it? I’m glad you asked. It’s being held on Monday July 20-Friday July 24th from 6-8pm. Ages 3-12 are welcome. Click this link to sign up!

It was 3 years ago when my son Wyatt was 2 years old.(see pic above) Wyatt didn’t have any friends (and I really didn’t either!! aka: we were both loners) so I signed him up for VBS. His baby brother had just been born the month before so I was lugging around a baby in a car seat while trying to comfort Wyatt as he acclimated himself to a new group of strangers. It was the last night of VBS and they were having an ice cream celebration. I was probably more excited about it than my 2 year old because I was ready to celebrate with all of our new friends. Unfortunately my little nervous boy was so excited/nervous that he threw up all over the church pew. Oh yes. So we left, baby in car seat, throw up all over us and I just had to laugh.

Crazy story for a sweet beginning to so many amazing friendships today. I’m so grateful that at age 5, Wyatt still goes to VBS with the same group of kids he met when he was just 2. Thank you Cheverly United Methodist for opening your doors to your own members and non-members alike.

To see my post from last year’s VBS, click here.



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