Bidding Wars?!



Did anyone else get the real estate flyer in your mail box yesterday? I’m talking about the one that said that our market is going strong and that this house had 11 (yes 11!) bids on it, selling 35K more than the listed price? Friends, that is great news for our real estate market. Cheverly has so much to offer and now is the time to buy/sell.

After all the crazy things that are happening in the world (I need to turn off the news more- but it’s hard when you work on Capitol Hill) I’m so grateful that I have our quiet and safe community to come home to. And I really mean it. The pool has saved me, yet again, this week. I have a tendency to stay home when I’m tired and hide out from everyone, but I promised a friend that I’d meet her at the pool for dinner with the kids on Tuesday. I made myself go and I’m so glad I did. The water was warm and so refreshing. I sat in the pool and chatted with my friend as our kids splashed around and had a blast. We ate dinner, went swimming again, and soon it was past my kids bedtime. I got them showered (at the pool) and wrapped them up in towels hoping they would fall asleep in the car on the way home. Alas, they didn’t–but the night had been so relaxing that I didn’t care. If you are new to the community and don’t know many people yet, get out and go for a walk, or to one of our parks, or to the pool–or volunteer for something happening this weekend, or head to ladies night at the Cheverly Legion tonight, or to the outdoor movie this evening. Say hi to someone and introduce yourself. It is bound to make living here so much more fulfilling. Maybe then, you too, will have a story like Luanne Smith who has lived here for 46 years! So grateful for the sanity and peace this neighborhood brings my soul.

Dinner at The Cheverly Pool.

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  1. susanpruden says:

    We DO have a hot real estate market here in Cheverly, but I have to say that house was seriously under-priced. It sold at a great price, but when you price something well below market value, it’s not unusual to get lots of offers.

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