We Choose Wednesdays: Free Summer Concerts, Theatre and Movies in Prince George’s County


bladensburg waterfront park 1

(photo of Bladensburg Waterfront Park)

Hello friends. Happy Wednesday and Happy 4th. Wasn’t our storm unreal last night?! Today we have another We Choose Wednesday post–this time by my morning workout partner, Aimee Olivo. I hope you enjoy. Lisa

My husband, Abel, and I moved to Cheverly just over ten years ago. We had lived on Capitol Hill–separately and together–in four different houses or apartments over about six years. For the first few years that we lived in Cheverly, we were still oriented to Capitol Hill. We still went to La Loma or Banana Cafe for our Latin food fix. Bagels and Baguettes was the spot for our bagels. Eastern Market was our farmer’s market. A night out was spent on Barrack’s Row. You get the idea. But after awhile we realized how much Prince George’s County, and especially the areas around Cheverly, have to offer and started spending the majority of our time in our new neck of the woods. Since we’re right in the thick of summer, I thought I’d let you know about the incredible summer concerts, theatre and movies offered throughout Prince George’s County–all for free through Prince George’s County’s Department of Parks & Recreation. In fact, throughout the entire month of July, there are only eight days that don’t have a free concert, movie or theatre option somewhere in the county. Today’s one of them, so between July 2 and July 31 you have 23 opportunities to enjoy free, family-friendly entertainment and the schedule continues through August! Closest to Cheverly is Arts on the Waterfront at Bladensburg Waterfront Park. Every Sunday evening through July 26, you can enjoy free live music from 6-7:30pm. Pack a picnic or grab some delicious tacos from La Fondita, let your kids play on the playground when they get antsy, and relax and enjoy the perfect end to your weekend. Catch a free performance of Romeo and Juliet on Thursday, July 16, at 7pm at Watkins Regional Park or right in Cheverly (but indoors) on Sunday, July 26 at 2pm at the Public Playhouse. Neither of those days work? There are a total of eight free performances of this Shakespeare classic throughout the county in July–all free! Prefer family movies? Head to Mount Rainier Nature & Recreation Center (15 minutes from Cheverly) for family movie nights on Fridays. We’ve already missed June 17 but July 17 and August 21 are coming up. The outdoor movies begin at dusk and, yes, are free! I could go on and on. But you can take a look at the full schedule in the Parks & Recreation Performances, Concerts & Summer Cinema brochure online here. Our incredible Prince George’s County Department of Parks & Recreation is just one reason I Choose Cheverly. Maybe I’ll see you at the Bladensburg Waterfront Park next Sunday!


Aimee Olivo

Olivo 1

Aimee and her husband Abel (and two sons) are incredibly involved in the Cheverly community. To read more about them, visit this post.

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