A Few of My Favorite Things: Chev Pool at Night


IMG_0157 IMG_0162

My life has been crazy lately. I hosted my cousin and her lovely family for 5 days and then my sister and her family after my cousin left. Life is good- life is busy…but one thing I’ve discovered in the meantime is that the Cheverly pool is an amazing, relaxing place to be at night. My cousin has children that are a bit older than mine so while my boys went to sleep by 7pm, they were ready to go to the pool. Even though I was exhausted, I went along with the plan. How else would they get in?! Oh my. It was such a beautiful night. The pool was fairly empty. The pool lights were calming and I absolutely LOVED watching our Cheverly volleyball players. Check out the scene from my Iphone camera above. They looked like they were having a blast. Every Tuesday night they get together as a group and play. You can find more info here. Need some relaxation? Come to the pool at night. I hope to see you there.

ps- I found a new place that is only a short 5 min drive from Cheverly–it has amazing Vintage furniture and I can’t wait to share more later this week.

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  1. Jennifer Butler says:

    you had me at vintage….cant wait!

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