A Few of My Favorite Things: Off The Beaten Track


IMG_0183 IMG_0182

So…I found a new store during my break from work last weekend. I walked into this old warehouse in DC with my co-worker to find a consignment/vintage furniture lovers dream. I know I’ve shared about a lot of these type of stores in the past- from the Bowie Old Town antique stores, to the amazing Annapolis consignment stores but this one tops them all! I loved everything in Off The Beaten Track and thankfully my friend talked me down from a number of purchases. I did end up with the two pieces above- one is an old vintage lamp (so so beautiful) and then other is a lovely coffee table. I will probably be back very soon to look for more. Why? Not only are the products lovely, the owner of the shop is incredibly friendly and helpful. In fact, she helped me with some interior decorating ideas and dropped off the table for free. (she had to finish it–and despite my insistence that I come back the next day to pick it up, she wanted to drop it off for me–and even brought an extra treat to boot) Okay, you will just LOVE the next reason why I will be obsessed with this store, it is ONLY a 5 min drive away from Cheverly. It’s been around for a year and I just now discovered it. So drive out of Cheverly toward the city on 50/NY Ave. Once you arrive at Bladensburg (where the gas station/dunkin donuts are) take a right. Take the next left onto Queens Chapel road and then a right onto Douglas St. It’s at 2414 Douglas St NE.  Let’s show this store some Cheverly love and support a local business.


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