Real Estate Update

Exterior (Front) -
Exterior (Front) –
Exterior (Front) -
Exterior (Front)
Living Room -
Living Room –

Okay, I really like this house. Haven’t been inside but I’m dying to paint the fireplace and bookshelves white and hang up some beautiful art work on the white walls. Who wants to sit on the porch with a glass of wine? Me.

So…this lovely is up for sale. The address is 6105 Lombard Street and the asking price is 369K. Head on over a few streets to Brookland where crime is high and where you don’t know your neighbors and this is what 369K will get you: (well 325K…and it’s a short sale)

Front View -
Front View –

Encourage your friends to consider Cheverly when looking for homes. Get these beautiful houses while the prices are ‘low’. I trust that Cheverly prices will continue to move up so now would be the time to buy.

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