Our Local Cheap Eats


I’m a bargain shopper- and that doesn’t change when it comes to food. That’s why I love when the Washingtonian comes out with their Cheap Eats edition of their magazine. Of course, it has taken me a couple months to even pick up the magazine but I had some free time this weekend. Surprisingly, the first restaurant mentioned in the Washingtonian’s 25 Best Inexpensive Restaurant list is Hyattsville’s Taqueria el Mexicano with the “best mole sauce we’ve ever tasted.”  (see picture above) Have any of my readers been there before? I’d love some commentary on the place. I’ve never heard of it before but now I’m dying to go. Inside the Washingtonian, not only did I find some wonderful words about Taqueria el Mexicano, I also read a great review of Spice 6, the Indian food about 5-10 min away and Taqueria la Placita. Anyone else getting hungry?!

ps- I had a wonderful weekend in Cheverly. I only left our city limits twice- once to go out for gluten free/goat cheese pizza at Annapolis Mall (where I saw a shoplifter get arrested- although I didn’t know the woman was a shoplifter and I started screaming “honey, go help that lady. She’s being tackled by two men!” Oh my) and the second to go to church. Otherwise I enjoyed conversations with friends at the market and swam with my little ones at the pool on Sat and Sunday. Again, so grateful.



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