We Choose Wednesdays: Cheverly Dolphins Swim Team


Hello neighbors! My name is Laura Thomas and I’m excited to tell you one of the fabulous reasons why I Choose Cheverly today. My husband Joel and I have lived in Cheverly for seven years now, moving here from the Foggy Bottom area of D.C. One of the first things that we heard about from our next-door neighbors was the Cheverly Pool. I remember them telling us with urgency (seeing that I was about 6 months pregnant with our first child at the time) “You’ve got to apply for membership. We took our kids there growing up and it was one of their favorite places!” Well, we took their advice and went ahead and applied for membership at the pool. While it took us quite awhile to become official “members,” let me just tell you that it has been worth the wait! Two of my daughters have already learned to swim at the Cheverly Pool and yesterday I watched my third daughter, only 2 ½, swim several feet by herself in the little “mushroom” pool while her older sisters gave her instruction and cheered her on.

The Cheverly Swim Team

I grew up on Lake Lanier in Gainesville, GA waterskiing, jet skiing, and driving boats, but I have never been a part of a swim team. This year our eldest daughter is old enough to participate and she jumped at the chance! The Cheverly Swim Team is led by a dedicated and experienced group of swimmers. I’d especially like to highlight Ann Caldwell, who is an amazing swim team coach and personal instructor. She not only leads the swim team with an excellent group of young people at her side to help her, but she also spends the majority of her waking hours during the summer teaching individual little “Guppies” (pre-swimmers) how to swim. My second daughter took lessons with her last year and both of my older girls have benefitted immensely from the three-week “Guppy” swim program that she helped launch a few years ago. In fact, both of my big girls moved from “just barely getting by” in their swimming to confidently swimming longer distances and learning the proper strokes through the Guppy Program. The swim team is a big commitment to be sure, but it is so much fun! The fact that my daughters wake up bright and early every morning, eager to put on their swim suits and goggles show me that they have found something encouraging and rewarding to be a part of in our summers here in Cheverly. And that is just one more reason why our family has chosen and will continue to Choose Cheverly! To learn more about joining the Cheverly Pool, visit: http://cheverlypool.com/membership/ To learn more about the swim team and lessons, contact Ann Caldwell: csrfroglegs@gmail.com




To read more of Laura’s bio, check out her profile here.

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