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It was a big weekend at my house. We had a pig roast for some friends who are moving and had 100+ people in our backyard. I’m so grateful to my neighbors who provided beautiful purple flowers from a tree in their backyard that I could use for table decorations, two families in our hood who let me borrow folding tables (thanks to the listserv) and to Value Village, Village Thrift and Community Forklift for the chairs. Oh my. And then there was Monday. A blessing for Cheverly (if you have children) is that some of America’s best doctors work at Children’s Hospital which is a 20 minute drive for us. After 3 years of my son being misdiagnosed, we finally got him into a specialist and have a correct diagnosis for his condition. While I hope and pray that he outgrows it (most kids do), he might not. And either way, he will need a good community around him. My husband sent me this article this morning: 3 Families Every Man Needs to Grow Up Well. The third point of the article talks about community. The last paragraph really struck me:

It really does take a village to raise a child. Proactively building and strengthening these three families will provide your son with the love, support, guidance, and examples he needs to develop into his best self and mature into an honorable manhood. If one of these families will always be a weak plank in your lives for reasons you can’t control, work on strengthening the other two even more. The big takeaway from the article should be this: The more you surround your kids — sons and daughters alike — in a community of loving bonds where they are known, recognized, cared for, admonished, and encouraged, the better chances they’ll have of becoming happy, well-adjusted adults.

Thankfully my two little boys are being raised in a community where they are most definitely known, recognized and cared for. It is truly a privilege to live here.

On another note, there really hasn’t been a huge influx of homes on the market–there is however, a 5 bedroom that is up for sale. 2000 sq feet and the backyard looks beautiful. Make sure to tell your friends to consider our neighborhood…

Exterior (Front) -
Exterior (Front) –
Exterior (Rear) -
Exterior (Rear) –

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