We Choose Wednesdays: Rain Check Rebate Program


Thank you to Joel Thomas for today’s We Choose Wednesday post:

Did you know that every single homeowner in Cheverly has access to $4,000 for landscaping?  I know you won’t believe it and there must be a catch, but it’s true!

The Chesapeake Bay Trust has a Rain Check Rebate Program which includes a Native Plant List that are covered under this program.  I took advantage of this program and I am not finished yet!  I attended a Cheverly Green Infrastructure rain barrel workshop last year where I paid $50 per barrel and learned how to construct it and set it up in my home.  The Mayor even volunteered to drop off the two barrels I had purchased at my home!! The good news is that I am now capturing rain water and helping the Chesapeake Bay.  The better news is that I was reimbursed by the Rain Check Rebate Program and this effectively cost me a net zero dollars and just a couple hours of my time.

Also, I developed some rain gardens in my yard and improved drainage on my property.  These were reimbursed as well.  At this point, I have been reimbursed $1,000 and still have $3,000 of opportunity available to me!  You better believe I am making plans of how to improve my property and help the Bay…please know that this is not a public service announcement and I am not getting paid for this blog.  I am just excited for this opportunity – and imagine if everyone in Cheverly took advantage of this?  It is a WIN WIN WIN.  We can simultaneously help improve our properties, improve beauty of the town with native plants and rainwater collection, improve values of homes, improve the Bay, and at NO COST!

What’s the catch?  There are a couple of things you should know.  The CB Trust has program coordinators who will come on site to consult you and give advice.  It is is important that you schedule a consultation PRIOR TO starting any work so that you get credit for it.  You also must keep all receipts.  No receipts = no reimbursement.  You also have to front the money and it may take up to 8 weeks to get reimbursed.

Click here to see the Instruction Document for the Rain Check Rebate Program and the Native Plants List that are covered under this program.  Also, here is the contact info the Cheverly program coordinator.  Get to work neighbors!!

Natalia Sanchez

Program Coordinator

Chesapeake Bay Trust

(410) 974-2941 x114


Joel Thomas


Joel Thomas lives in Cheverly with his wife, Laura and four children. He is the founder of CERT, the My Cheverly app, and is active with many different Cheverly organizations.

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