What A Month!


Hello readers! Thanks for your patience with me as I’ve taken some time away. Wisconsin was lovely and really quiet and  serene.  I arrived with my two little boys at DCA and immediately felt stressed. There were tons of people, my kids got pushed over twice while people were leaping to grab their luggage. Then we got on the Metro during rush hour and need I say more?! Alas, we made it to our Cheverly stop and a dear friend and neighbor who was riding the same train greeted us. So thankful to see a familiar face. Our next door neighbor had been waiting for us to drive us home and again, I thanked God for our little town. This past week at home has been mixed with venturing into the city in a matter of minutes to visit some fun shops and then also enjoying the peace of our neighborhood. Cheverly makes it possible for me to live in this area.  Otherwise I’d pack up and head to as small town in Wisconsin! (Or maybe not….)

While I was gone I was checking the real estate listings for The Chev. There were a couple beautiful homes that sold for higher prices and fast. If you are looking to move here, you need to act quick.

So what a month it has been. As I type, my windows open, the beginning of fall is in the air. For Cheverly this means soccer, Halloween parades, fall markets, hayrides with cprc, food truck festival and much more. Until then enjoy the last weeks at the pool and I hope to see you around town.


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