Vegan Food Anyone? Shop Local.




I found a new obsession. It’s in Mt. Rainer and truth be told I had no idea where this was. Pretend like you are driving on Annapolis Rd toward The Arts District in Hyattsville, instead of going right on Route 1, take a left and then you are only a 5 min drive away from 2 amazing stores (esp if you are vegan, gluten free, or enjoy organic foods) called Sweet and Natural and Glut. Sweet and Natural has their own bakery and they sell their products at Whole Foods and our local organic stores like Mom’s.  Besides baked goods of all sorts, they sell salads and warm vegan food. Yum. Couldn’t recommend it more. After we ate our cupcakes, I headed over to Glut. It is a more local, smaller and cheaper version of Whole Foods. It’s taken me 10 years of living in Cheverly to find these places but I’m sure glad I did! So do yourself a favor and eat healthy, shop local, and enjoy some good food!

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