Sweetbay Magnolia, Anyone?!

Do you read the town newsletter? You should. I learned a lot about what is happening this month when I finally took time to look through it. Not only do we have an Oktoberfest this weekend, we have our Food Truck Festival, a Garden Club meeting, card games at the Legion, our famous Public Safety Day, CPAT meeting tonight and much much more. But my favorite announcement was for Cheverly’s Private Property Planting Program. Cheverly provides AND plants a Tree in your yard at no cost to you. Go on line at http://www.cheverly-md.gov and find the Public Works site, print out the Tree Agreement and drop this form off at Pubic Works. They will call you when trees come in and will drop a yellow flag for you to designate where in your yard you want your new tree. Trees available this fall will include the following:
American Holly Pin Oak

Black Tupelo Redbud Red Maple White Oak

Hackberry River Birch

Northern Red Oak Serviceberry

Swamp White Oak Sycamore

Tulip Poplar Willow Oak

Sweetbay Magnolia

Eastern Red Cypress

Personally I think I’m going for the Sweetbay Magnolia! But they all sound lovely. Truthfully, I wonder who takes part in these programs? Have I just been the last one to know? Either way, grateful for all of the ways we can make our community beautiful.




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  1. Jennifer says:

    And don’t forget the new Cheverly Spanish Club! People do read our town newsletter! I got at least five new members since we published about the club last month! We meet the first Tuesday of every month. All levels are welcome!!

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