AMAZING news for PG County


I just heard about the best news this morning. It really is something to jump up and down about and shout: We Love PG County. Let’s be honest here, when most of my friends hear that I live in PG County, they give me an expression that says, “WHAT?” Well, next time if someone does that to you, give them the facts. The National Recreation and Park Association (yes, I wrote National) gave a GOLD Medal award to our PG County parks and recreation. If you don’t believe me, check out the list here. The other 2 winners were in Ohio, Arizona, and Missouri. The National Association was impressed with a swim program and they wrote about it here. Have you taken part in any of the pg county park and recreation programs? I have. I am so grateful for all they have to offer. My boys will be in a basketball class and will continue on with their swim lessons this fall/winter. If you haven’t checked out their classes, you are missing out.

So alongside that incredible news, I have more good news for you. Our county and nearby surrounding areas are becoming even more cool. (if you are enjoy art) Artomatic is coming to our backyard at the New Carrollton Metro Station. Haven’t heard about Artomatic? Read more here. The Washington Business Journal has a great article from 2014 about how they want to bring Food Trucks, Artomatic, and more amazing things to do in the New Carrollton Metro and this makes me super excited. Anything anyone can do to bring more fun restaurants, shops etc to our area makes me want to shout.

And my last good news is not great for my pocketbook. If you look at the picture above, I love everything about it. I have a minor obsession with furniture (!) and this new store on West Street is like eye candy for me. Stage 2 Showroom is opening this weekend and I cannot wait to stop by to see their goods. A huge thanks to these local businesses who are investing into our county. Cheverly supports you!

That’s all my news for today. Whooo..that is enough.



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