Real Estate: Wood Ceiling Planks


Isn’t this house a beauty? Located on Crest Ave, a short distance walk to the Cheverly Pool, this house is up on the market for 385K. I drove by it on Sunday when they were having an open house but too bad my little one was too exhausted to get out of the car! I was dying to go in. Why? I love wood ceiling planks. And this house has them.

Family Room -
Family Room –

With a new fan and some touch ups, I’m starting to think that this room could look similar to my favorite interior designer’s (Lauren Liess) former home:


You need vision for some of these Cheverly homes, friends. With a bright new light fixture where the fan is and painted walls and ceiling, this house could be a designer’s dream. (all someone would have to do is make a few trips to Community Forklift)

Ok, so I’m starting to go off to la la land in my head, thinking about everything I’d want to do (if I’d have enough $) to my house. So that’s all for today. Happy Pope week everyone…


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