Someone Please Explain…


This home for 419K could be yours.


This home for 750K could be yours.


Or this home with only two photos listed and this is the first one (oops, wrong way) for 450K.

Someone pick up my mouth up from the floor. Do people around here have so much money that they can just throw half a million away on a house that needs work? Someone please explain…

So here’s the story. Last night I was driving to drop off a meal for a family friend who just had a baby. They live in an area just a few miles from Cheverly.  One thing I’ve noticed is that you have one house that has just been flipped and everything is completely new and then right next door you have a house that is falling apart, literally.

And here, a mere 10 minute drive away, you have Cheverly. Where a home that I listed yesterday will sell for 389K and I think that is good for our market. Why are homes in DC going for so much and ours are just slowly rising? (this is a serious question, btw) I’d love to hear your opinions.

My husband and I got into a small argument at the Food Truck Festival. I was totally okay with letting my two young children (ages 3 and 5) to run around by themselves because 1) it was unrealistic to keep them in line with me for 30 minutes 2) they knew probably half the people at the festival and 3) I could recognize about 3/4 of the people at the festival. Ha! My husband (who had a bad experience losing one of my kids at the zoo for a couple minutes!!) showed up after the first quarter of the Cowboys game and wondered where the kids were… One was at the park and one was on the soccer fields, both playing nicely with their friends. COMMUNITY. These are things money cannot buy. I remember growing up running around my neighborhood in Oklahoma City with my friends. We didn’t have cell phones. We had bikes and watches and knew we needed to be home in time for family dinner. I’m 40 years old. That wasn’t too long ago. I loved running around with my friends, riding bikes, playing tag and playing near the creek. I love the idea of my kids having those same experiences and I thought I’d have to give that up by moving to DC. Not so in Cheverly. Crime is low in our hood. The things we worry about are petty thefts where someone takes some loose change in an unlocked vehicle. I know, occasionally there are other things that happen, but on the whole, not like other neighborhoods close by.

Thank you Cheverly, for making this a community in which I feel safe to let my children run around. Thank you for those who choose to stay here long term- my kids have benefited from your example and love.

So again, someone please explain why houses that need tons of work so close to Cheverly are selling for so much more….



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  1. r fleeson says:

    Couldn’t agree more! We looked at “hill east” and other areas of DC and I am so glad we were won over by the sensible and ENJOYABLE decision that is Cheverly! Love this community!

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