My Recent Discovery of a Neigboring Town


I’ve lived in the Cheverly for 10 years now and have only recently discovered our neighboring town, Mt. Rainier, MD. I just don’t drive that way…until I discovered my new found favorite gluten free/vegan slices of cake at Sweet and Natural and now I’ve been there about once a week. A couple days ago I saw the Art Works Now building and it looked amazing. I know it’s not breaking news, (it is to me)  but Pizza Paradiso will be opening there in Oct 2016. Cheverly parents: this means you can send your children over for a Saturday for an art class while you enjoy pizza and beer right next door. WTOP has a great article about the new venture here. Looks like PG County is breaking ground to all sorts of new things and the Hyattsville Art District is continuing to grow.

Interested in seeing things happen in/around Cheverly? Attend the Cheverly Planning Board meetings once a month. Or talk to the Town Council to see if you can get on the board.


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