Real Estate Talk

Exterior (Front) -
Exterior (Front) –

With all this talk of real estate, development in Prince George’s County etc., I thought I’d share a couple more thoughts. I actually wake up thinking about these things which is a little obsessive, I know. First of all, I have to share a real estate listing with you. This is a house in Deanwood, you could probably see it as you are driving into DC on 295 South. A contractor flipped an old home in an ‘interesting’ neighborhood and is now selling it for 460. Meanwhile a large home in Cheverly that is pictured above and boasts of 2400 square feet is having a hard time being sold for 460. (maybe it’s all the wallpaper although that is an easy fix!) I find it interesting to compare prices and to see what you can buy in different neighborhoods. I know I’m biased but Cheverly is a gem and worth every penny I’ve paid for my home. Rushern Baker, the Prince George’s County Executive and fellow neighbor said at a conference yesterday that looking back 10 years from now, we won’t even recognize our county. Cheverly and our county are only getting better and better. Now my fingers are crossed that we have some new restaurants/shops come in on Tuxedo Road. The Cheverly Planning Committee is having an open house on the 6301 Kilmer Road property that the town bought a few months ago. They need your input as to how the town should utilize the land. Mark your calendars and plan to drop by on Oct 17th. (not sure what time yet) This is your opportunity to make your voice heard on property that will benefit our town. So so excited for this to happen!

And now I have a favor to ask of you: I need your help. I started this blog as a sort of free and good PR for our town. I try to do my best to promote our real estate and to show people in the Nation’s Capital how amazing our town is…but I can’t do it alone. If you see something good happen and want to share it with people looking at possibly joining our community, write a comment in the comment section. Did you take a nice picture of an activity happening in town? Share it on the I Choose Cheverly Facebook site. If you are on Facebook like these posts so that Facebook will post it on other users news feeds. Share a picture or post you like so that your friends hear about our town. Thank you!

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