Why I Choose Cheverly: Community Support and Aldi Meal Planning


It was one of those weekends. Husband had been sick, kids are being kids, rain, gloomy weather, going through all the winter clothes trying to find hats and gloves for our family of 4, giving myself a headache trying to figure out how to clean/dry muddy and wet boots, staring at my living room wondering when I will ever be done changing it around and bringing decorations to completion, and much more which will remain undisclosed = disaster for this working mom. In times like these, it truly takes a village to survive. (I know, these are first world problems…but nonetheless, problems I’m experiencing) And then I take a moment to reflect and think about my weekend. Someone from the neighborhood had me over for dinner on Friday, another neighbor popped in on Saturday to bring me a gluten free/dairy free treat that she found at a coffee shop (so so kind), another neighbor came by to pick up our car to use because they had out of town guests visiting (no big deal for us and they brought the car back with gas and all clean!), another neighbor came by to borrow dress shoes for her best friend’s mom’s funeral, I brought by coffee and breakfast snacks for a neighbor whose husband is out of town (to do some cheering up), and then this morning I received a text from another neighbor who saw me driving to work (did I look that bad?!) and let me know about an Aldi freezer meal plan website. (yes, I need help planning my meals right now J)

Isn’t that just amazing? How many people in this area have neighbors like these ones who care and who I can know well enough to care for? We need each other. I need community—and a community that cares. These beautiful gestures of friendship and support are reasons why  I Choose Cheverly.

Now, if you are like me and need some help planning meals for cheap, check out this amazing site that will allow you to make freezer meals from Aldi. Meals here are gluten free and the regular recipes can be found here.

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  1. Thanks so much for the shout out for my meal plans – I am thrilled that you have enjoyed them! We released our 9th one on Thursday!

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