More Good News


More good news. The Arts District continues to boom by adding a new boutique called Green Owl Design. They offer a “full-service Interior Design firm that is launching a boutique and gallery space in the Gateway Arts District corridor.”  Their Grand Opening event will be on Oct 17th from 7-11pm. How many of you will be there? Green Owl Design is located at 5303 Baltimore Avenue, Ste 101, Hyattsville, MD 20781 in the historic Maryland Building. (they are in the building next to Busboys and Poets)

Now besides interior design news, have you heard that Aldi (which is one of my favorite stores, see posts here) has been in the news lately? They are removing all artificial ingredients from their food. Even more reasons to shop there and plan your freezer meals. These are the things that are making me excited lately and with all the breaking news on CNN, we need something else to think about. Did I just make your day more exciting? I hope so.

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