Fall Fun!


Wasn’t it an incredibly beautiful fall weekend? Felt a little bit more like spring, but I wasn’t complaining. We traveled a couple hours out to my parent’s home in West Virginia and went to our favorite orchard, Marker Miller. They had cow trains, hay rides, apple picking etc. I bought a huge box of apples in the seconds section for $9. When my husband asked why I bought so many I decided I’d have to start baking right away! Last night was spent having dinner with our neighbors and eating apple crisp. Yum. Tonight I plan to make an apple Bundt cake and who knows what Wednesday will bring—either way, I love the season. I thought I could write today’s post for those of you who have just moved to the area or who still haven’t spent the afternoon at a local farm running through a pumpkin patch! I’d highly recommend these 3 places: Queen Anne Farm, Montpelier Farm, and Shlagel Farm. Queen Anne is the smallest, having a simple pumpkin patch, but it is also really close and has a lovely variety of apples and veggies to buy. Montpelier Farm has a huge maze and we visit their fall festival every year. Try out their maze at night- they will give you a flashlight and will leave the farm open until 11pm. (how fun- this sounds like something I’d do as a teen…but I’m actually considering getting a babysitter for a night out with my husband)

In other news, mark October 17th on your calendar. 6301 Kilmer will be having an open house for “residents to tour the site and provide input as to how the town should utilize the land. On the 17th, the Planning Board will provide feedback on the input already received regarding the future of the property and answer any questions that you may have.” Yes. The town bought a home in Cheverly that just happened to be sitting on a large amount of land. Bring your thoughts and suggestions to the open house and make sure your voice is heard! I’m glad to report that I’ll be attending my first planning board meeting tonight.

Mark your calendar as well for Monday night Oct 19th at 7pm. On the 4th floor of the Cheverly United Methodist Church, our Garden Club will be making floral fall arrangements. All you need to bring is a small pumpkin and cutters. Free to members, it’s $10 to participate or $15 to join and participate. This would be a good opportunity to meet your neighbors.

That’s all. Happy Columbus Day week.



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  1. Amanda says:

    Hi there! Do we know yet the time of the open house at 6301 Kilmer?

    1. lisawink2014 says:

      It will be from 10-2. Hope you can make it!

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