Cheverly West: Washington’s Next Great Transit Oriented Community


I hope you all were able to make it to the Open House on Kilmer Street. I absolutely loved the architectural style/details of this home. (see picture above)  More important was the huge space our town gained by buying the property. Whatever happens to the land and this house, I’m sure it will make a nice addition to our already amazing town.

So lots to talk about with the future of Cheverly. If I were advising any of my friends (which I do all the time), now would be the time to buy. Why? Cheverly is improving every year. PG County is taking interest in our area by working on the sector plan. They want to know what our residents want to do with the nearby land. What should be done? Mark your calendar for Oct 28th. Come to the community meeting and make your voice heard. Should the area near the Metro or by Arbor/Tuxedo Road be redeveloped? What should we do with the land that PG County Hospital is on now?

If you weren’t aware, new homes are being built in “Cheverly West“. Check out the Cheverly West website. Apparently the developer has already drawn out his concept of new development for the Cheverly Metro, Arbor St, Tuxedo Road area and describes his reasoning for it below:

Cheverly Metro is a planned est. 1,000,000 sq. ft mixed-use development extending from the 5600 block of Tuxedo Road to the 6000 block of Arbor Street collectively comprising approximately 9 acres.  The development neighbors the Town of Cheverly, which Washingtonian Magazine has termed “one of the best places to live in the Washington DC area.”  Cheverly Metro is planned for approximately 520 residential units, 180,000 sq. ft. of office space, and 90,000 sq. ft. of retail space.

Cheverly Metro is being designed by Minton & Associates, and will incorporate many of the community guidelines that have been adopted by the Town of Cheverly and have contributed to the town’s many successes and the town’s considerable growth since its founding in 1918. 

Given the proximity of the development to the Cheverly Metro Station and Minton & Associates’ thoughtful design of the planned development, it is anticipated that Cheverly Metro will be a walkable community whose residents will be less reliant on automobiles than most in the Washington area.  The community’s location within one eighth of a mile of the Cheverly Metro and seven miles from the U.S. Capitol distinguishes the area vis a vis Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (“LEED”) residential development criteria.

Doesn’t that sound great? Of course, nothing is set in stone which is why the community meeting on the 28th is so very important. The plan for the Metro development is here and I’d encourage all residents to look at it in detail. The homes in Cheverly West should hopefully be up for sale in spring of next year. Whatever happens, I’m so glad others are taking interest in our community.

And this is why I would buy in Cheverly right now. Speaking of buying, have you all seen the new house on the market? It’s a beauty and can be found here.



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