Dear Capitol Hill Friends:


Dear Capitol Hill friends: (who want to move)

This morning as I was exercising at my local Planet Fitness I happened to catch a glimpse of a news story stating that “because of the crime (specifically the new and frequent robberies) Capitol Hill residents are on edge and some are even putting their homes on the market.” After I heard that, I obviously felt terrible about the crime. In fact, Roll Call featured an article about the growing crime rate in your neighborhood. Not only do I work in your neighborhood, I lived there for a number of years as well. I love it and miss it in ways…but I say to all of you who are looking to move: consider choosing Cheverly.

I know, Capitol Hill is amazing. Eastern Market is a fun place to shop and walk around on the weekends- but did you know that Cheverly, MD has their own local market? It might not be as large, or have the amazing art, clothes, furniture etc that you do—but wow, it’s amazing to actually walk to a market where you know or recognize almost everyone. Where you can let your kids run around with their friends—not because you scheduled a play date and you have extra eyes watching them—but because they all just happen to be at the same place at the same time. That’s what happens in small towns. You go shopping at a market and your kids feel safe to run around (and you feel safe to let them) and you can sit down with your neighbors for a cup of coffee and some pastries. Now no, I don’t walk away with new jewelry or art (which I love at Eastern Market) but I do walk away feeling a part of something that is bigger than myself: community.

Let’s talk money.  My dad always told me it was good to save.  With the amount of money you will gain by selling your home and making a profit, you could pay for an entire Cheverly home. (or close to it) Yes, prices are THAT good. My husband and I both have amazing jobs. We have a property that we own on Capitol Hill and yet we are so grateful for our lower mortgage payment. (compared to our Hill friends) Think of what that might mean for you: more money to travel, more money to save for retirement etc.

But what if money is no option? What are your choices? To move to Virginia, maybe Old Town or dare I mention, further out?! Before you take that plunge I’d ask you to compare commute times. After living on Capitol Hill would you really want to move to Virginia and spend all morning sitting on bridges trying to cross the Potomac? Instead of sitting in traffic, those of us who live in Cheverly and commute to Capitol Hill have one of the fastest commute times around. Surprised? Just drive out to visit us. And did you know that we have a Metro? Yes! A Metro- it’s even called, “Cheverly”. Have you heard of it? I hadn’t before I  moved. Maybe because it’s such a quiet, safe place to live. We don’t make the news often, which is a great sign because the news is almost always covering the negative.

Have you been shopping at the unSafeway? Or the expensive Harris Teeter? Think about a couple new possibilities if you were to move to Cheverly. Cheverly is a 10 minute drive from one of our nation’s best grocery stores: Wegmans. And if are sad that you are leaving before Trader Joes opens, don’t worry- we have Aldi’s.  Don’t laugh. Aldi will save you money and has great products. Trust me on this one. We are a hands throw away from two Costco’s and we have our own CSA which delivers fresh fruit and veggies to our neighborhood on a weekly basis. I even walk to get my box. (yes, like I did when I lived in Europe)

Crime. Did you know that Cheverly has our own police? Did you know that Cheverly (IN Prince George’s County) has amazingly low crime stats? Dare I say that you are safer living in Cheverly than anywhere in your surrounding area?

Do you know of any other communities near or in the city have a tree lighting ceremony (besides the one at the Capitol and White House)? Or what about shutting down streets so kids can join a Halloween Parade and run around in their costumes? Or what about a swim pool on Capitol Hill? (I ask because the Cheverly pool is comprised of mostly Capitol Hill residents) Cheverly has an amazing pool! We also have yoga, exercise classes, Garden Clubs, Boy Scouts, an American Legion, Girls Scouts, a Boys and Girls Club, a swim team, a Turkey Trot race and so much more—all that are local! So before you make a rash move to make your life more complicated by moving way outside of the city, look at our town. You just might be surprised at all we have to offer.

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