Halloween Photos




I swear these pictures crack me up. My life seems like a train wreck now a days and I can never seem to get it together by Halloween. For example, this morning I had a talk with my boys, “what do you want to be for Halloween?!” I’ve heard different responses every day and I’ve already got two outfits (from the thrift store, of course) but who knows if they will be worn. I’m not the creative type either so I buy the outfits. (can you tell?!) Anyhow, the first picture really does make me laugh because my cute little Weston who was only 2 last year couldn’t get it together. I knew our friend and local photographer, Teresa Castracane would have a long line of kids to take pictures of so I wanted to make it to her house early! We did–but still had to wait–and my boys looked a mess. (see the pants tucked into his sock?!) I’m still laughing about this. Check out the pictures of the kiddos from last year here. It was as good as I could do. Which brings me to my point. The scouts have their haunted hike on Friday and then on Saturday we have the parade (please come and watch our kiddos at 3:45) and then Teresa is offering free photos of all our kids. And trick or treating starts at 6. Deep breathe… I hope to see you all in the craziness that begins soon. Here is a message from the lovely Teresa.

Hello Cheverly parents!

It’s almost time for free Halloween photos again!  On Saturday, October 31st, between 5:00pm and 7:00pm, bring your little monsters by my studio here in Cheverly for a free portrait in their costumes.

I know some of you had to wait in line last year, which is a total bummer.  So this year, let’s try this:  you can sign up to arrive during a half-hour time slot.  Those who sign up will move to the front of the line.   To sign up, please use thisDoodle poll any time before 5pm on Saturday.  I also hope this will help spread out attendance over the two hours.

A few days after the event, I’ll post one image of each child to my Facebook business page.  The child whose photo gets the most likes wins a free portrait session for his or her family!

This year, I’m requesting a cash donation of $5 per child – but please don’t hesitate to give more if you like!  After the event, I’ll donate 100% of these funds, plus my own contribution, to Darkness to Light, an organization dedicated to the prevention of childhood sexual abuse.  I would love to have Cheverly’s support in this.  For more information, visit www.d2l.org.

To see the images of cute kids from last year, click HERE.

If that doesn’t work, you may need to like my Facebook business page (https://www.facebook.com/TeresaCastracanePhotography), and then do a quick search in November of 2014.

My home can be a little tricky to find if you haven’t been here before.   The address is 6129 Landover Road – on the Cheverly side – but the only access to the house is from the back.  To get to the back, come to the intersection of Monroe Street and Laurel Avenue, and come down the Dead End alley, where there are three or four homes.  Mine is a cream-colored colonial with red doors.  Come to the separate entrance for the basement.  I’ll have lights and such to help you find me.

Friends from outside of Cheverly are also welcome.  Please come by!

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