Cheverly Traditions: Halloween Parade 2015



Do you have family traditions? I grew up with some and they have brought magic, spirit, even texture to my everyday life. And after some reflection, I think that is exactly why I love the Halloween Parade. Among many other Cheverly traditions that have lasted as long as our town has been around, the Halloween Parade is nothing special (except that kids get to run down the street with their friends- a kids dream). I mean, the town isn’t lined up cheering the kids on in their costumes or anything. It doesn’t have the pomp and circumstance of the typical small town 4th of July parades, but it’s the Cheverly parade. The parade that has been happening now for…how many years? (Mayor Mike, I’m expecting you to answer this!) The kiddos get dressed up and run to the park in anticipation of seeing their friends. The boys wrestle with one another and play in leaves–and get ready for the Cheverly police to put their lights on. This means it’s time to run down the road toward the community center. That’s where Barbara, our Programs Director (who raised her own children in Cheverly and has kept these fun traditions going) gets on her bullhorn and asks the kids to come up by age (youngest go first) onto the Cheverly gym stage. The kids walk across the stage showing off their outfits as parents cheer them on. It is quite chaotic but so so cute. Really- this could be a new parks and rec show. It cracks me up every time. Then Barbara feeds the kids and of course, has crafts. See Barbara from a couple years ago here:


So Cheverly Parade- I’m so glad you are sticking around. Both me and my boys will look back at all of our parade experiences and have the best memories. Thank you for keeping up the tradition, Barbara. Here are some pictures I have from parades past that I will always treasure:
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