How Housing Choices Make Adult Friendships More Difficult



That’s my son with his friends in the picture above. Weston has on the white shirt–and then there is Eli, David and Abigail. I’ve known David since he was 2 1/2. He has been in school with my oldest for almost 3 years. Eli, Weston, and Abigail are all close to the same age. Weston has known all three of these kids since birth. In fact, I have a picture of Weston and ‘Abby’ at the park when they were barely sitting up.


Miriam took care of my boys on Monday since PG County had a planning day and Laura and I saw each other last night for a few minutes just to catch up.

But the pictures above at the park were taken on Wednesday–a beautiful day where I couldn’t take my kids directly home from school at 4, but instead went to the local ‘Cheese Park’. Of course, we ran into who? A group of kids that my kids have known since birth. We had an automatic play date and the adults got to catch up on subjects such as breast milk, discipline, and Costco memberships!! The kids had a tremendous time playing in the dirt and leaves. A great, spontaneous outing for all of us.

Last month Vox posted an article entitled, How our housing choices make adult friendships more difficult. The article is great and here is a small excerpt:

I read a study many years ago that I have thought about many times since, though hours of effort have failed to track it down. The gist was this: The key ingredient for the formation of friendships is repeated spontaneous contact. That’s why we make friends in college: because we are, by virtue of where we live and our daily activities, forced into regular contact with the same people. It is the natural soil out of which friendship grows.

Could this be any more true?! Especially in a city like ours where you have to plan time to meet people–but not in Cheverly. (especially if you have children or are social enough to make it to any of our activities) and Wednesday at the park was just a small example of this truth. (thank goodness I had a camera to capture it) I have so many opportunities for ‘repeated spontaneous contact’ in our town which is why I have a plethora of adult friends. So thank you, Cheverly, for allowing me to build friendships in one of the busiest times of my life. (working mom with children)

Spontaneous meet up times are one of the many reasons I Choose Cheverly.

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