Cheverly CSA: Join Now!


(picture from some of my csa food this weekend)

If you are interested in starting to eat more local organic food this growing season, you may want to consider joining Cheverly’s CSA. I am a member of a Biodynamic/Organic CSA that I’ve really enjoyed.  There are pick ups in Bethesda, Arlington, Takoma Park, Cabin John, Capitol Hill, Cheverly (on Cheverly Ave) and the Washington Waldorf School.  Members come by on Wednesday afternoon or evening to pick up their shares of that week’s harvest — weekly or every other week.  This CSA is year round but there are options to participate for the various seasons.  The cost averages $ 40 per week and I have found that it is a good value, provided you consume what you get.  With the CSA, my family eats consistently healthy food and can really feel the difference; and are glad to be part of a community that cares deeply about food and farms.

Interesting things about this CSA are

  • Top quality food — mainly Biodynamic, plus organic
  • Besides vegetables from the main farm, there is fresh and dried fruit plus eggs, and a rotation of cheese, bread, dry beans and grains from other farms for a wholesome balanced diet
  • Year round – with options to join for various seasons
  • Part of a values-based community (with other services and products as well)
  • Very organized and service-oriented, this CSA has been around since 1998

If you have any questions, you can contact me or the organizer Lakshmi at, 301-654-4899.  The website is  see:  How To Join, FAQ, Registration Form.   If you are not familiar with Biodynamic agriculture, there is a link on the website called “Why Biodynamics” that tells how serious it is about working to heal the earth and all its inhabitants.

With all the commercialization of organic food, the best way to get pure, nutritious food is direct contact with the farm and the best way to make sure farms will be there in the future is to support them now!



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