Cheverly Observes Veterans Day



Ahhh Cheverly. You are the best. Yesterday our ‘small town’ had an observance for  Veterans Day. The old and young alike came to Legion Park to raise the flag, say the pledge and pray and thank God for all who have served our county. Even though my two boys didn’t want to be quiet and were a tad bit distracting, I was grateful to take a moment to remember. Thank you, Cheverly–and Cheverly American Legion. Volunteers are what make our community great!

On another note, I wanted to make sure everyone was able to look at the Greater Cheverly Plan that was put out a week or so go. There will be some exciting changes in store but they will take lots of our voices being heard. Make sure you are up to speed by reading it and staying informed.

So much more to say but I’m off to Dallas for a much needed long girls spa weekend. I have some fun news to share with you all when I return.



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