Cheverly Art

I have some great news for you all! Our Holiday Community Market is this weekend, on Sat the 21st. There will be special vendors from our town but one I am especially excited about.

So I’m a little obsessed with posters/wall art. In fact, I drove all the way out to Potomac a couple weeks ago just to visit an estate sale that had the above Washington DC vintage poster. I can’t wait to get it framed and put it up on my wall.

But what about a Cheverly poster? Cheverly’s own Jessica Albert loves maps and vintage prints (maybe as much as me?!) and decided to make some that are Cheverly specific. Her website, Kindred Spirit Creative¬†¬†has some really fun products including Cheverly maps (see above) and Cheverly vintage prints–that I will most definitely be buying. This ad from 1929 is my favorite:


Oh my. I absolutely love these. And they will be on sale this weekend–or on Jessica’s website.

So friends, I hope I see you at the market.


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  1. Aimee says:

    Oh my goodness! Officially some of my favorite things ever!!!

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