Artomatic, Turkey Trot, Perfume, Jamaican Food and More!


Oh my word. If you appreciate art in any shape, form, or fashion then run (do not walk) to Artomatic. We finally made it this past weekend and absolutely loved it. It’s a local art gallery (essentially) that is a 5 minute drive from Cheverly. Most importantly, it is only here until Dec 12th. We plan to go back but this time just me and my husband. They are open to midnight on Fridays and Saturdays and have drinks! Artomatic is new to PG County. We really need to show them our support. So stop by- it’s free.

Have you all been shopping for Christmas yet? The Washington Post put out a local gift guide and the first product mentioned is made my a local Cheverly resident, Susannah Compton, who sells perfume sprays at Union Market. Another Cheverly resident, Jessica Albert, is selling her Cheverly vintage card ads and Cheverly maps! How about a really fun dessert to share on Thanksgiving? Check out Fluffed Up Desserts made by another local Cheverly resident.

Good news. We found out through the list serve that there is a new local restaurant that delivers. Andy’s Jamaican Spot has $7 lunch deals and lots of vegan, vegetarian options as well.

And last but not least- are you sticking around for Thanksgiving? If so, join your neighbors for the Turkey Trot. If you don’t run, just show up with a canned good at 9am and do the walk with me and my family.

And that’s all for today. I hope that most of you have already started your vacation. 🙂



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