Why I Choose Cheverly: Community

If you want community, you will find it in Cheverly. If you live here and don’t have it (which was me for a number of years) then come tonight to the Christmas Tree lighting at 7:45 and say hi to someone or join a club–get involved. It’s key. We have so many activities: Running Club, Yoga, Boys and Girls Club, workout group that meets in the mornings, Garden Club, The Cheverly Pool, Cheverly Community Market, Cheverly Village, The Legion, and so much more.

Last night I attended a lecture at a church on Capitol Hill. It was about getting to know your neighbors. (or being neighborly) As I waited for my friends to show up to the reception I started up a conversation with a lady who was sitting by herself. She has been a lifelong DC resident and lives near the Yards Park area. She said in the past her neighborhood had a lot of public housing but now it is gentrified. What has happened? Little to no community. The people who have bought the 600-700K homes get upset if their neighbor teenagers (from the lower incoming housing) are making noise on/near their small section of grass. (park) People talk rarely–and if they do it’s usually to someone to looks like them. She was at the talk to think about how to foster community- the community she once had with her neighbors until things changed. I found the entire conversation enlightening and honestly terribly sad. I explained that in Cheverly I interact with people who are very different than me. We are all different. Some of us are conservative, some liberal, some black, some white, some have more money than others. She asked how that happens in Cheverly so I explained that we have a Community Center, a neighborhood pool, Parks, Clubs, 2 local Churches and the like. There are many different things that push us together rather than apart. I was reminded of the Cheverly welcome baskets and the new mom meals that mothers are blessed with after they come home from the hospital.

This is why I Choose Cheverly- to live in a neighborhood that is so good for my mental health and for the young lives of my children–you can’t buy this, friends. We are truly blessed.

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