Real Estate: Home on Crest Ave

We have another great house on the market. It’s on a beautiful street and looks like the home is updated. I love all the storage options and built ins. The address is 3109 Crest Ave and the asking price is a low 359K.

I love comparing the options around/near us. What boggles my mind is that you can barely buy a 1 bedroom condo for the same price as the home above in Brookland, a mere 5 min drive away. I mean, you could also purchase this home for 400K–but it’s only 580 sq ft.

Capitol Hill will get you a 709 sq ft condo on 15th St NE for the same price. Check it out here. I absolutely love Capitol Hill, I work and own property there but the crime rate is high. Yes, Eastern Market has one of the highest crime rates around! Read the post here.

If you are considering Cheverly but concerned about the crime, check out our rates here. You almost won’t believe it.

Need I say more?

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