Chez Dior


I came home before getting sick earlier this week screaming at my husband (who was sick in bed at the time) “YOU MUST TRY THIS FOOD” and he had the stomach bug :). Ok, Chez Dior is simply amazing. I was down in the dumps a week ago dropping off our duvets to get cleaned (after my kids were sick!) and decided to stop by this restaurant after reading tons about it in the Post. Check out the article here… Chez Dior is almost straight across from Franklin’s Restaurant on Route 1 in Hyattsville and I cannot say enough about my first meal. First of all, I got to meet the owner and hear his story. Originally from Senegal in West Africa, he moved to Minneapolis 18 years ago. He worked at Home Depot. After marrying, his wife wanted to move to a more mild climate so they chose the DC area and he again, found himself working at Home Depot. Meanwhile he was cooking for his friends and (of course because it is that good) they kept wanting more. He took the plunge to open his restaurant a year in a half ago. Little did he know that a repeat customer was the Washington Post foodie writer. Apparently he loved his food too. This has put Chez Dior on the map as it was named in the top 10 of DC’s Cheap Eats. If you like ethnic food, you will love this place. Enjoy!


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