Home Decor: Community Forklift, Vintage House Parts

FullSizeRender (005)FullSizeRender (003)

If you come over to my house every two weeks or so, you will notice a change. Couches have been moved. Chairs have new pillows. Where are those lamps? As a little girl I loved changing rooms with my sisters—and if we weren’t changing our rooms, I was changing my own room.  Bed would be in different places. Thank God they have apps for these things now. Last week in Florida we were staying in a really beautifully decorated home, which reminded me that I’m still not happy with my choice of decorations. I’m a thrift store shopper so it’s hard for me to make huge purchases on line if I haven’t seen the couch, chair etc. So I wait for a year or two and then make a decision about buying a couch. Meanwhile I’m unhappy about my choice of décor. (I have many quirks and this is one of them) I spoke with my mom about the décor in Florida and we decided I needed to stick with a colonial home style— I got online and we spent quite a while looking at colonial fixtures, chandeliers and the style of the homes…which brings me to the point of this post. Have you been to Community Forklift? Or how about Vintage House Parts? I left the kids at home and went for a quick trip to both stores on Sunday/Monday. Did you know that Community Forklift had a sale this weekend? Both stores are incredibly interesting- they have tons of old house parts from the older DC homes for sale. Looking for old beautiful doors, sinks, door handles, chandeliers etc? Both stores are about a 5 min drive from Cheverly. Happy shopping! Ps- I hope you like my new finds (although horrible pictures and they are still a bit dirty) …a colonial chandelier and a vintage bar cart.

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