Winter Parties


I remember last spring (I’ve been dreaming about last spring since it’s been so cold lately) like it was yesterday. It’s so funny how I go a number of months without seeing many beloved neighbors and friends because we are all cooped up in our homes. Then spring arrives and all of the sudden I reunite with friends while taking walks or at the pool or at the parks. I love it. And yesterday it hit me. Our fun town is still alive and kicking in winter. People want to meet up. They want to support good causes. They want to have a good party. And this is one of the many reasons I Choose Cheverly. Even in the winter there are ways in which you can connect with/meet your neighbors. We are a small enough town that if you go to one or two events, you will start to recognize the same people. So friends, if you are new to the community or you’ve lived here for a while without community, please consider coming to these events. They are all fairly low key- held at the Catholic Church and American Legion buildings–but it would be an opportunity to meet others which will help Cheverly feel like a small town.

Here are your options:

Sweetheart Charity Ball- Jan 29th from 7-12 contact Natalie for tickets:

Casino Night– Feb 6th from 7-12

Wine tasting/silent auction benefiting the Cheverly Community Market- Feb 19th from 9-11

So yes, while Cheverly might not have the walk to bars where you might not know a soul, we do have parties with people who want to know you. So come support Cheverly and our local community and buy your tickets now.


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