In Honor of the Coming Snowstorm

I give you my pictures and memories of Cheverly in 2010 when my husband and I were locked inside (or that’s how I felt). I was pregnant with my first child and we didn’t have many groceries. My favorite memory of the week was when we walked to the old Giant (who else remembers this crazy store?!) where Aldi is now. We walked down 202 without a car in sight and when we arrived at Giant we found empty shelves. (see pic above) What a blast. I can’t wait for this one to come!

And I’m grateful for our neighbors. This is an email I found in my inbox this morning:

If your power goes out and we still have power feel free to come stay with us. 

All I have to say is Thank God. And if I have power (on Cheverly Ave) and you all are without, email me to come by. We will throw one big party.

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