Snowmen, Cheverly Sledding, Cheverly Pool, Contest and Happy Hour


How about this for a snowman?! Check out the Star Wars characters right next to Frosty. I love it. What a week we’ve had in Cheverly. What a week!! Frankly, I’m a bit worn out. I’m ready for my life to turn back to ‘normal’ whatever that means. This morning I was dreaming about the Cheverly Pool…btw, have you put your name on the list? Besides the sledding hill at the Cheverly United Methodist Church, the Cheverly Pool is a great place to talk to your neighbors. My son reunited with his best buddies on the sledding hill this week. Isn’t this a fabulous picture?


I have yet to download my other snowzilla pictures but will share them with you next week.  On another note, have you tried out the new restaurant in Mt. Rainier? Bird Kitchen and Cocktails is finally open and they have a happy hour tonight from 5-7.

As for my “why you choose cheverly” contest, I had very few entries. I will advertise it again today and make my decision by Monday. A huge thank you for those who have taken the time to write something. I have loved reading them.

Have a great weekend, Lisa

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