Why We Choose Cheverly: 40 Years and Counting

A huge thank you to all of you who told me Why You Choose Cheverly! They were so much fun to read and I hope to send the others out soon. My winner is Terry and Sue Horning! Congratulations. I will have to deliver the Cheverly Map photo to your home. Here is their story:
40 years ago my husband and I started looking for a house.
He grew up in Cheverly so, of course, he started there first.
He came home after his first outing and this is our conversation:
Terry:  I found our house!
Sue:  Where?
Terry:  Cheverly
Sue:  We can’t afford to live in Cheverly
Terry:  It’s the cheapest house in Cheverly.
Sue:  How much?
Terry:  $38,000.
Sue:  OK…I’m in let’s go look at it.
We moved to Forest Road in March of 1976.
The house needed a lot of work…..and Terry claimed this was just our “starter” house.
When others began moving outside the Beltway, Terry and I did too but never found a place we liked better than our own.
We have raised our 3 daughters here and to our delight, our daughters bought houses in Cheverly.  Two of them still live here with their families and one married and moved to Bowie but sends her daughter to Cheverly United Methodist Church for her first year of learning.
Reasons we love it here:
Neighbors and Friends
Community and Community Leaders
Boys and Girls Club
Activities for Children and Adults
Town Services – we have the best snow removal, special trash services, police department in the area
American Legion
We chose Cheverly 40 years and we have never regretted our decision.
Terry and Sue Horning

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