It’s Girl Scout Cookie Time!


Growing up I was a Brownie and a Girl Scout. We didn’t have the internet so I went door to door and I also set up a stand at the local grocery store. My mom was a troop leader and one of my favorite movies was Troop Beverly Hills! Are there any other fans out there? So even though I have dietary restrictions so I can’t eat any Girl Scout cookies, I’m buying buying buying them for my co-workers and friends.

Did you know that Cheverly has a Girl Scout troop? (and Brownies, Daisies, etc) Again, I love our ‘small’ town because I’m sure all these girls know each other and they all live in the same neighborhood. Lovely.

If you are interested in supporting our local troops, buy some cookies. I can help you out with that… One of the members has a google doc order form online. She will even deliver to your home. How is that for service? So put in your order and my lovely neighbor will drop them at your front door.

ps- Interested in meeting the cookies? Here is the link.


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