Making A Difference: Gladys Noon Spellman PTA

Doesn’t it feel good to make a difference? Especially one that will be positive for your community? I have to give a huge shout out to the PTA at Gladys Noon Spellman, our local elementary school. My dear friend, Chase O’Brien is the President this year and is truly making a difference. A week or two ago she spearheaded a “fix up the teachers lounge” evening. Parents of the students signed up to help and they transformed the teachers lounge. They brought in furniture and flowers and fresh fruit and veggies.  This is a huge reason why I Choose Cheverly. The people in our community are trying to make a difference  in the world. So take a local public school and start to transform it by getting involved and showing support for the teachers and students.

Not only did the PTA spearhead this effort, they also asked Cheverly residents to donate warm winter clothes for students who were in need. And this is what they got:


I need to be frank here. At the risk of offending people, in my circles there are many people who would never consider Cheverly. Even with our great community, lower housing prices, outstanding crime stats, location to DC, and access to the Metro, they would balk at the idea of sending their children to Prince Georges County Schools. Well, I say bravo to the many families in our community who are working to make the schools better. Their work is making a difference.

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