Before and After: My Walk-through Room


This is my second home in Cheverly. I fell in love with it for a number of reasons–the large open space, the two sets of stairs, the tall ceilings… Boy oh boy, it was a ton of work. My husband thought I was crazy when we first looked at it but I was thrilled about the possibility of turning it into something great. Check out my second picture. The first room is the formal living room and entryway into my home. The middle room I named the walk-through room simply because I had no idea what we’d do with it. The room had little to no function except to walk through it to the kitchen and living room area. We’ve been in the house 3 years now and I finally found the time and money to work on this area of the house. Here’s the room being transformed:


So I’m in love with my chandelier. I found it at our own local Community Forklift–which is having a sale today!!  The medallion was found at Home Depot for around $30. Anyhow, don’t be scared of these Cheverly fixer uppers! They have so much potential. Hope you enjoyed these before and afters. I will be showing more in the days to come!



One Comment Add yours

  1. Aimee says:

    Hello built-ins!! LOVE!

    We have a fun story about our original-to-the-house chandelier…maybe I’ll turn it into a post for you 🙂

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