Before and After: Staircase Makeover

Huge huge thanks to one of Cheverly’s newest residents, Brittany Pfister for writing this post.  I met Brittany and her husband last weekend at the American Legion. They are a ton of fun and have really great taste in decor. Here you go!

Last year, my husband & I stumbled upon Cheverly by what seems to be, fate. At the time, we were living in a great English Basement apartment on Capitol Hill – we loved our location, the history of the neighborhood, our 4 block walk to the Capitol. When we found Cheverly, we were then (and still very much are!) Zillow obsessed and weren’t really looking to buy a home.

One Sunday afternoon last summer, I came home from yoga class and my husband asked if I wanted to go to Cheverly – there was an open house that afternoon and he wanted to go. I was hesitant and at the time, had not even heard of Cheverly – I couldn’t imagine moving off the Hill. With lots of convincing, I begrudgingly accompanied him to the open house.  And, to make a long story short, within 10 minutes of touring the home, we both knew we had to put an offer in – and after days of stress and a small bidding war, the house was ours and since, it has become our home.

It’s crazy to think back on the process and just how quickly we fell in love with Cheverly but it’s hard not to love such a charming little town with numerous ways to get involved in the community – with neighbors that you actually know and neighbors that genuinely care. It is a perfect community to raise a family and as young couple, with two years into our marriage – for us, it is the perfect place.

Since last summer, we’ve done a TON of painting and have made numerous cosmetic changes to the inside of the home. When we purchased the home, we were fortunate in that it was, “move-in ready” and didn’t require renovations – it just needed some love and lots of paint!

After painting all the wooden baseboards white and adding neutral colors to the walls (a few before & after pictures of our living room, below), our latest project was fixing the staircase to goes from our living room up to our bedroom. When we moved in, the staircase was painted royal blue and each stair was lined with old, dirty carpet (that I immediately ripped up!). With so many stair remodel ideas on Pinterest, we decided to tackle this project on our own. We used white paint for the side and base of the stairs and chose to highlight the staircase by painting the top of the stairs gray. We knew we wanted to use a stair runner with a bold design that we both liked and stumbled upon our runners at Target – we purchased 3 runners and used a staple gun to put the carpet in place. Overall, the project took a few days (but could done in a day if you didn’t want to spread out the process) and the carpet took a couple of hours to install. We love the end result and it reminds us to have an open mind, the possibilities of fixing up your home are endless!



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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Aimee says:

    Love it! The change to the stairs is incredible–so much more inviting!!

  2. Renate says:

    Lovely, want to come over and paint our house!?!

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