Cheverly Swim and Racquet Club

For all our new neighbors out there (and I know there are plenty), this video was made with you in mind. If you haven’t signed up for the Cheverly Pool, you should now. Don’t procrastinate because the pool is in high demand and the wait list is long. Plus signing up is free. Our pool saves my sanity in the summer. I absolutely love it. Enjoy.

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  1. Nathalie D says:

    I’ve been on the wait list for a few years and know a friend who still on the wait list 7 years later and now lives in philly. Seems pointless to even try at this point.

  2. Hi! I am the Cheverly Pool Membership Director. The wait list currently has well over 300 families, and takes about three summers on the list for full membership. If anyone has any questions about their status feel free to call me anytime. 202-243-9081.

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